President Mugabe has sent a high level team  to Mashonaland Central today to investigate problems stemming from a petition signed by the province against national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and his brother Dickson Mafios.

The four member team is led by Jacob Mudenda, who is also a Politburo member and Speaker of the National Assembly.

He is travelling with Simon Khaya Moyo (secretary for information and publicity), Tsitsi Muzenda (Committee member in the Politburo) and an official identified as Kazizi.

In a desperate attempt to rescue himself from his tormentors,  Kasukuwere spent the whole day, yesterday, mobilising against efforts to expel him from the ruling party.

“Today (yesterday) we witnessed in the province massive mobilisation by the G40 cabal,” said a source in Mashonaland Central. “We had vehicles criss-crossing the width and breadth of the province.

“It is alleged provincial members and those who constitute the PCC were being given money and other incentives to support the embattled national political commissar. We are also advised that hooligans who comprise mainly former members of Border Gezi Youth Training Centre and some rogue elements have been hired to show support for Kasukuwere in a last minute bid, and a desperate one, after all provinces disowned the national political commissar.”

Kasukuwere is facing numerous charges that include plotting to topple President Mugabe through setting up parallel structures.

His home province held a highly subscribed demonstration demanding his expulsion from Zanu PF early this month.

Other provinces and all party organs in turn supported the resolution, while others called for his expulsion from both the party and Government.

There are  unconfirmed rumours suggesting that President Mugabe is the source of Kasukuwere’s woes.

The later has recently found himself being pursued relentlessly by the country’s leadership after he attacked land barons who have strong family connections with Zanu PF’s top elite.

Kasukuwere also confessed that he is being victimised by corrupt land merchants in the Zanu PF hierarchy.