As cyclone Chalane is expected to hit some parts of Zimbabwe starting today, Chipinge has waken up to an engulfing overcast and mild winds.

Light showers are setting in and as the weather conditions expected to hit Zimbabwe downgrade from a Cyclone to a Severe Tropical Storm.

Meanwhile, the government has warned of heavy rains, strong winds and cloudy conditions over Manicaland into Masvingo affecting Chimanimani, Chipinge, Mutare, Buhera, Bikita & Gutu.

The Civil Protection Unit (CPU) has activated the following Sub committees: -Emergence Rescue Services, -Food Security, Epidermics, -Information and Publicity, -Transport and Resource Mobilisation. These have already been deployed and working on the ground.

The CPU has since issued a warning urging residents to expect to be moved:

“We are anticipating that a cyclone will hit the country soon. The public is advised to prepare to be moved to safer areas.”

In the same light, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces missions are in a state of readiness to help.

Awareness and publicity campaigns have started in the districts with NGOs and government working together with extension workers, traditional leaders, Local authorities, local media houses and other community leadership.

Yesterday, the government began the evacuation of residents to safe zones.