The covid-19 pandemic is slowly robbing Zimbabwe of its youthful entrepreneurs and big spenders known as ‘ bosses’ or ‘mbinga’ in street lingo.

In the last three months, we have lost, three city dealers and popular big spenders, within a short space.

This comes in the wake of Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s horror accident which also took the lives of his well known friends including celebrated fitness bunny and video vixen Michell Amuli better known as Moana.

As if that was not enough, on the first day of the new year, his friend and South Africa based businessman Victor “Boss Vickela” Jimere  succumbed to Covid-19 and was laid to rest in Masvingo last week.

Departed bosses

The trend continued on Sunday morning when Ginimbi’s sister announced that his friend Boss Kabila the Hustler was no more.

He also succumbed to Covid-19 and he left behind a business empire with interests in real estate and petroleum industries.

Ginimbi’s sister Juliet Kadungure Buto shared the message on social and commented that all of Ginimbi’s three friends pictured with him(see photo above)have passed away.

Rest in peace Kabila we have been robbed again. Was even more hurt when I just noticed kuti all those 4 guys at the front are all gone

A fortnight ago, Bindura’s biggest Boss Kangara died of Covid-19 at a Chitungwiza Central Hospital and left massive fleet of top of the range vehicles and upmarket houses including two in Borrowdale Brooke.

He was a gold buyer who started off as a taxi driver in the mining town of Bindura where he had a mansion in Aerodrome suburb.

Other top business people to die this month include Munhenzva bus owner and well known Gweru gold miner. There are many Zimbabwe business tycoons not mentioned in this report who have also lost their lives to Covid-19.

Boss Kabiala the hustler

Boss Jimere