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General Chiwenga Sends Clear Message to Mugabe…Zim Army Out in Full Force..images

Zimbabwe military tanks were seen heading towards the Zimbabwe capital Harare on Tuesday, witnesses said, a day after the head of the armed forces said he was prepared to “step in” to end a purge of supporters of ousted vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa.


MDC official says Mugabe has lost to the army

While state media has issued a blackout on army movements following General Chiwenga’s press statement yesterday, a number of private media houses have highlighted that the unthinkable is about to happen in Harare.

“President Robert Mugabe’s days in office appear to be now numbered, as the military has started reportedly sending tanks and troops to Harare, in what many are viewing as an imminent takeover of power, to block Mugabe’s intentions of installing his wife and First Lady, Grace Mugabe, as  the country’s second female Vice President next month.

The move to appoint Grace, will all but clear her path to becoming President, perhaps soon after Mugabe wins the 2018 elections, if at all they happen,” said a  source.

Picture: Chiwenga mobilises army

There are also confirmed reports from military sources  that the Zimbabwe National Army has been let out of the barracks and was seen heading towards the capital, Harare.
According to a video shared online, the vehicles were spotted somewhere near and in Harare.
While this might be a routine exercise, many are wondering about the relationship between Mugabe and the army following recent events and announcements.
There is also Fake News doing rounds suggesting that the Zimbabwe National Army has taken the country’s President hostage.
Mugabe chaired a cabinet meeting this morning and there are no indications that anyone in the force has done something to harm the 93-year-old.

Armed to the teeth…,General Constantine Chiwenga’s forces seen in Harare today

Here comes the real army..Norton MP, Temba Mliswa, dares Zanu PF Youth Leader, Kudzai Chipanga

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Source: Zimnewsnet/agencies