A  Plumtree based ZRP policeman is in the soup after he tricked his colleagues’ wife into sleeping with him after pretending to be her husband. The stranger than fiction incident occurred after the brazen police officer visited his colleague’s residence at night when he was away.

The suspect knocked off from duty at around 10 pm on 17 December and went to a bar. He found the victim’s husband taking alcohol at the bar and dashed to his colleague’s house.

Taking advantage of his colleagues’ absence, the police officer, sneaked into the bedroom after finding the wife (name withheld) having retired to bed.

A source close to the investigations said:

He went straight to the window and closed window curtains and got into the blankets. He slept behind her and started to rub his hard manhood against victim’s buttocks while at the same time touching her all over her body.

She touched and kissed him. She even turned to face him

During sexual intercourse, the woman felt the beard prickling her, after that she became suspicious and removed the blanket and noticed that the person who was poking her wasn’t her husband. Soon after that the intruder who had seen that he was caught quickly apologised before he rushed outside the house to his place which is 40 metres away from the victim’s house. She screamed for help.

She screamed to alert neighbours, but no one came. She informed her neighbour Merby Moyo. Later on when her husband came from the bar she narrated the sex ordeal to him. He advised him to make a police report

When our bosses (names supplied) questioned him he denied ever sneaking into his neighbour’s house and having sex with his colleague’s wife. He said he is a married person and respects his wife.