Edmore Mhangami

 In an incident that reads more like a gangster movie script, a police officer was recently struck with a beer bottle on the head after he tried to arrest a man smoking weed in public.

The gangster, Melusi Moyo, was drinking alcohol at Mazondo bottle store in Magunje area Karoi while smoking weed.

Allegations are that the accused  Moyo had got drunk and started smoking his weed joint outside of the stole.
He was approached by Constable Aleck Mugauri another detective who intended to arrest him.

They successfully did so but as one of the detectives was going to get handcuffs, Moyo struck Constable Mugauri with a beer bottle in the head.

Moyo was arraigned before Karoi magistrate Ms Shella Nazombe facing two counts of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

He was not asked to plead and was sentenced to six months in prison while three were suspended for five years.

The remaining years were wholly suspended on condition that he performs 210 hours of community service at Karoi hospital.

It was the state’s case as presented by Webster Dimingu that on 7 May at Mazondo bottle store, Moyo was drinking and smoking weed.

The court heard that Moyo arrested for smoking dagga.

The state alleged that while the other officer went to collect handcuffs, Moyo hit the other police officer with a bottle in the head.
The court heard that Moyo was however overpowered by the police officers and arrested.