The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority -ZIMRA- has been implored to conduct lifestyle audits for Members of Parliament and senior government officials so as to nip the rot in the bud.

Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says a recent lifestyle audit conducted on Cottco boss Maxmore Njani and the seizure of his property shows the importance of such processes.

“This Cottco case of Maxmore Njani whose vast portfolio of property has been seized, shows the importance of Zimra conducting lifestyle audits.

“They should cover Councilors, MPs, Senators, Ministers and the entire Government structures first. Why doesn’t Zimra already do that?,” Asked Mliswa.

He bemoaned the loopholes within the law which corrupt people are using to cover their dark deeds with.

“Instead, reverse the process and remove its approval under the law first. Otherwise it’s futile fighting what is legal using the thin cover of moral boundaries.

“Yet, I had raised the issue and they refused to support me. It’s imperative that we deal with issues impartially and raise them in the proper forum. It’s cheap populism to attack something which has been debated in public meetings and approved.

“It is unfortunate that people continue making noise about issues which are provided for under the law. It’s deceptive to attack Gvt or MPs for doing things which are covered under the law,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mliswa has blasted the ruling party for blaming the power crisis on late former President Robert Mugabe.

“These guys governed together with Mugabe for 37 years. They even had slogans, Mugabe tofa naye. Now he is gone they want to blame him for the rot. It’s rather sad. The honorable thing would be to admit that we made mistakes and will work to rectify them.

“It’s an indictment of poor leadership, failing to take responsibility for anything, always finding scapegoats. Is there evidence that you tried to correct Mugabe from making the error? Without that you are equally culpable. Let the man rest in peace,” he said.