Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court has thrown out independent presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s application for direct access to challenge his disqualification by the High Court from the 23 August elections on constitutional grounds.

The disqualification was also endorsed by the Supreme Court.

Apparently, handing down the ruling at the court in Harare few minutes ago, Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza (pictured) said:

“On a consideration of the submission made before us it seems the first issue is whether the application is properly before this court.

“The applicant moves for the setting aside of the whole judgment of the Supreme Court… this relief is ordinarily available on appeal.

“Apart from attacking the correctness of the decision of the court, the applicant did not attack the Supreme Court on how it handled the matter in terms of the rules of court.

“The court finds that the application being a disguised appeal is not properly before the court. The application be and is hereby dismissed with no order as to costs”.