Charles Mabhena

Opposition parties believe an alliance of political parties is the only solution to push the aged Robert Mugabe and the ZANU-PF out of power, after several attempts by single parties have proved futile.

“ For 2018 election, Transform Zimbabwe believes that only a coalition will win an election against ZANU-PF. Opposition need to put aside our difference and build a strong alliance to defeat Mugabe and the ZANU-PF machinery,” , Says Jacob Ngarivhume, the TZ leader.

“We must make sure a coalition is made up of parties that are not compromised because if we fail to take due diligence we may end up with a coalition that will implode before elections.

“There is also a need to understand that 2018 should be driven by common sense politics, not personal agenda, so there is need to acknowledge that a strong coalition supported by large numbers,” he added.

He said his party has agreed to the idea of an electoral alliance and will soon announce whom they are going to sign a political pact with.

Farai Mbira of  Coalition for Democrats (CODE) says  political alliance is now the only hope and wish of the Zimbabwean people and they should not be let down.

CODE is the biggest alliance so far of Zimbabwe opposition political parties that include the Movement for Democratic Change Welshman Ncube, Mavambo Kusile Dawn Simba Makoni, DARE Gilbert Dzikiti, ZUNDE Farai Mbira, PDZ Barbara Nagomo, Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe Elton Mangoma, Zimbabwe African People Union Dumiso Dabengwa, Zimbabwe First Maxwell Shumba, Peoples Democratic Party Tendai Biti.

The CODE chairperson, views the signing of nine parties to the code as a remarkable achievement in the quest to oust the Mugabe regime.

“We want to assure Zimbabweans that we have accepted their wish for a united front. We will consult with every stakeholder including civic society in defining the Zimbabwe we want,” said Ndira.

An academic and social commentator Teddy Mungwari and says a grand coalition will be the most feasible alternative for changing the political scene in Zimbabwe. “The emergence of one opposition force against ZANU-PF poses a serious challenge threat,” he said.

MDC-TC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is scheduled to meet his national executive tomorrow, a meeting which he is expected to name the parties he is going to work with.

Tsvangirai has left Zimbabweans guessing as to whom he is going to work with in the coming 2018 general elections.

Analysts have previously urged opposition parties to fight with one voice to bring Mugabe rule to an end.