A City man left the court in stitches after making a $5-mantenance offer for the upkeep of his child arguing that ,he has other children his estranged wife does not know about

The H-Metro reports that Tenjiwe Kanotoya hauled her husband Godknows Chipengo to court applying for $200 maintenance, accusing him of neglecting the welfare of his child.

Appearing before Magistrate Sheila, Chipengo told the court that he could only afford to pay $5.

” I am a vendor and I earn about $40 per month, I can only offer $5 because that is what I have,” said Chipengo.

Chipengo also told the court that he had other children that he had, which his estranged wife did not know about.

Kanotoya denied what was said by her husband stating that he was lying.

” i am shocked he is saying he wants to offer $5 for his child yet he is working. He has  not been taking care of his child for some time now and I struggle a lot to make sure our child goes to school and has food everyday . I don’t even know about the other five children he is talking about,” she said.

In the courts ruling Chipengo was ordered to pay $20 for his child was advised to work hard for his children.