Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says the current ZANU PF primary elections have been an utter fiasco of manufactured winners and use of illegal parallel structures.

He says at the centre of the mess is the Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) led by Deputy Director of CIO Rtd Brigadier Tapfumaneyi.

“Tapfumaneyi knows what is happening and I’m not scared. I know him as he worked with former Minister Didymus Mutasa. There is nothing I don’t know about him. It’s very unfortunate that the current DG of CIO Moyo is very professional but is being undermined by Tapfumaneyi.

“Tapfumaneyi uses war credentials for his nefarious works. Now he is working like the DG. The people’s vote should be respected. FAZ isn’t an independent body to preside over these elections. If allowed to pass it will result in the biggest bhora musango,” adds Mliswa.

Prior to the election, there have been reports that President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa planted his CIO proteges to contest in the primaries.

Meanwhile, a number of ZANU PF bigwigs lost in the just ended internal polls.

Most of the winners are new faces much to the surprise of the party’s top dogs.