The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) says the country should brace up for a bloody 2023 general election as the government gets hard on political opponents and critics.

The CiCZ says it has noted with concern the use of police by the government to clamp down civil society and the opposition as developments that point to a bloody 2023 election.

Speaking during a press conference held at the Media Center in the capital this morning, CiCZ boss Peter Mutasa urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to desist from persecuting Human Rights Defenders and heed calls for a genuine and inclusive national dialogue.

He said in light of the deteriorating situation and in the interests of seeing more broad-based and inclusive development in Zimbabwe, that genuinely ‘leaves no-one behind’, his organization therefore make the following recommendations;

-We urge the @PoliceZimbabwe
to act professionally in the conduct of their duties, upholding this Constitution and enforcing the law without bias and desist from acting as a vigilante force for the ruling party.

– We implore the govt to seriously consider the issue of electoral reforms as an urgent matter. It is our hope that all stakeholders will consider the issue of electoral reforms as key to getting back our country on a positive development trajectory.

He added that it is also imperative for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to act in an impartial and independent manner and desist from acting as commissars of the ruling party saying ZEC must be transparent and accountable to all contesting parties and the general citizenry.

However, CiCZ said the hazard that electoral reforms must not be taken as a stand-alone and isolated from reform in economic governance as well as public service delivery, where devolution remains a key tool for improving governance and achieving inclusive development.

The Coalition said it has endorsed a call by citizens across the country to forge a ‘broad alliance’ to tackle the numerous challenges facing the country & that it will continue to mobilise progressive citizens to demand reforms that will lead to a democratic & economically developed Zimbabwe.