The late former president Robert Mugabe’s removal from power in 2017 brought temporary joy to 14 million Zimbabweans, little did the majority knew it was a celebration of their misery as this year’s festive season may be just a day on their calendar.

Two years after Mugabe was kicked out of power, there is nothing for the new adminstration to show for it.

Last year people at least managed to squizze things and celebrate, but this time around there is a dull atmosphere in Zimbabwe with less shopping activities taking place.

As that is not enough only a handful are travelling to their rural areas due to high transport cost beyond their reach.

A Kariba resident Mr Admire Mubendi told ZW News that since the removal of Mugabe things were getting worse by the day.

“President Mugabe died with Christmas, there is nothing to celebrate during this festive season as we are broke. An average civil servant is getting a $1 200 money which can’t even cater for busfare of five family members from Kariba to Harare,” he said.

Mrs Ruvimbo Rwafa a Masvingo business mogul pleaded for a GNU.

“The route cause of all the suffering is political and nothing else, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa should just swallow their pride and form a Government of National Unity,” she said.

“People are suffering l used to make lumpsomes during festive seasons but this year things have fallen apart.”

There is at least some hope among Zimbabweans after former South Africa president Mr Thabo Mbeki spent some days in the country meeting with leaders of various political parties over the country’s political crises.