Vice-president Constantino Chiwenga has reportedly flown to South Africa for medical treatment.

Chiwenga has been in and outside the country on medical reasons, following allegations of being poisoned.

His travel comes just days after he said the government will no longer avail foreign currency to assist cabinet ministers and other senior officials seek medical treatment in state-of-the-art health facilities outside Zimbabwe.

Chiwenga, speaking in his capacity as Health Minister recently, told the media at his New Munhumutapa government offices that the state had stopped footing the medical bills of all senior government officials in order to maintain the national medical bill.

He also promised to improve conditions of service for public health workers who have been on strike demanding better salaries and working conditions.

“We will not export our patients. We will not make referrals to our patients. It is everybody, ministers.

“Those who have been going out it is you and me. Is it not it? Altogether but that export bill was too high and that is what we want to do away with,” he said.