Former Minister Saviour “Tyson” Kasukuwere leadership met supporters in Bulawayo, distributed regalia without any disturbances and harassment from the security forces, a rare move for MDC in the past months raising suspicion and further affirming that the newly formed party is being backed by vice President Constatino Chiwenga.

MDC has failed to hold gatherings for the umpteenth time, being thwarted by security forces, but the freedom accorded to Tyson has left people with more questions than answers.

Kasukuwere is reportedly being funded by Zanu PF insiders to topple President Emmerson Mnangagwa as there seems to be no one courageous enough within the party to openly challenge him for fear of victimisation.

“If you can explain why Tyson Wabantu people were able to sing and dance without any police interference whilst Nelson Chamisa couldn’t finish planting trees, you are a real Zimbabwean student of politics,” said one political analyst.

Zanu PF original the new outfit has submitted its papers to Zimbabwe Election Commission for it to be included among the political parties in the country.

Sources with Zanu PF said its hard pressed members seem also to be content with Kasukuwere’s party.

“There are serious divisions in the party some people aligned to Kasukuwere are nicodemously holding meetings. Parrallel structures are being created.

“Team Lacoste aligned to Chiwenga is the one closely working with Kasukuwere,” said the source.