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Prostitution is regarded as the oldest profession since time immemorial.

Whilst the current economic crisis in the country has not spared the profession as sex workers are feeling the pinch, some have still find a way to sidestep the hardships and continue with their means of survival.

Others have turned out to be robbers, working with notorious gangs, apparently walking along Central Avenue when one is approached by a commercial sex worker who offers sex for fee, one should aways think twice.

There is nothing like free lunch in that offer, so they say. A number of people have been robbed in the Avenues by sex working with their male friends.

Meanwhile, regardless of the cash crisis, others in the industry have responded with an economic stimulus package of their own that is modern marketing tools, rebates and gimmicks to boost falling demand.

While First street in Harare is located in the central business district (CBD) lined up with plush buildings where all forms of formal businesses are housed, its namesake in Chitungwiza has proved to be something else.

The First Street in Harare, which went down in history as one of the most popular areas as it was only meant for the whites, during the colonial era has never been known for housing prostitutes.

However, its namesake in Chitungwiza has become notoriously famous for illicit trade that take place there any time of the day.

Located in Unit L near the shopping centre, Chitungwiza’s famous First Street got its name after the first houses that were built in the area, making it the “Broadway” linking with all other streets and crescents.

The street has been made popular by commercial sex workers who will be lined up by the gates in the street just like the scenario in Harare’s Avenues.

Women of different sizes, ages, structures and even school going girls have also joined the bandwagon due to economic hardships.

“Kuna First” as it is affectionately known has cheap charges with a ‘quickie’ being charged between US$2 to US$3 and a night attracting $7 to $10.

Whilst the bulk of women found there are residents, others come from nearby places.

Speaking to Nhau, a sex worker who referred to herself as Emily said she was thinking of relocating to Unit L where their business was flourishing.

“I am thinking of coming to stay here permanently because you work freely unlike playing cat and mouse games with the Police at shopping centres. Our customers also feel free,” she said.

-Nhau/ Indaba/ Zwnews