Chitungwiza girl wakes up with no flesh

Chitungwiza girl wakes up with no flesh

It may sound and appear stranger than fiction, but 13 year old Praise Kasunhi of Chitungwiza woke up with no flesh, due to a rare condition called wet gangrene.

Barely three months after being diagnosed of this disease, Praise has found both her legs and arm being amputated and is now looking for assistance in cash and kind as her parents who are unemployed cannot afford to raise US$13 000 for her medical bills.

What started as a normal day ended like a drama for the 13 year old Zengeza 4 Primary School pupil.

The former basketball player said on the fateful day after a normal day at school, she stated feeling dizzy and retired to bed hoping to wake up well the following day, but that did not happen.

She recalls finding it difficult to walk and she ended up in hospital, with doctors failing to identify the cause of the illness except a rare skin disease emerging on the hands.

The girl later woke up one day to find no flesh on the lower part of one of her legs.

Now Paise’s unemployed mother is making an appeal to well wishers to help her daughter, whose hospital bill currently stands at $13 000.

Wet gangrene is a condition that occurs when body tissue dies.

It is caused by a loss of blood supply due to an underlying illness, injury, and/or infection.

Fingers, toes and limbs are most often affected, but gangrene can also occur inside the body, damaging organs and muscles.

There are different types of gangrene and all require immediate medical attention. zbc