All is not well for a Chpinge man who was recently arrested for stealing cash and property valued at $900 from a commercial sex worker with whom he had a quick flirtation at her home.

Give Masuku (38), of 1093 in the Medium suburb, appeared before Chipinge magistrate Joshua Nembaware facing charges of unlawful entry and theft.

According to the Newsday, Masuku texted the complainant, Elizabeth Masuku with whom he shares a surname, but are not related asking for sexual favours, the complainant agreed to the sexual deal and invited Masuku to her home.

The court heard that Elizabeth placed the money in her wallet, which also contained US$100 and $50 in bond notes.

She then put the wallet among her clothes in her wardrobe in the presence of Give.

Give allegedly stole the money an ad was confronted by the complainant and he became violent.

The complainant  then made a police report, leading to his arrest. Nothing was recovered.

Give pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded out of custody to May 10 on $100 bail.