By Johnsias Mutonhori

A Chipinge man last week allegedly ran amok and fatally hit his colleague with a log from the fire before setting him ablaze accusing him of stealing his knife.

Manicaland provincial deputy police spokesperson Luxon Chananda said Muchaneta Chigoti (25), of Mutumburi Village under Chief Garahwa in Chipinge, who is believed to be mentally challenged, attacked the now deceased John Munduso, a Mozampican national.

Munduso had paid a visit to Chigoti since he stayed alone at his  parents’ homestead.

The two sat beside a fire as usual discussing personal issues.

It is alleged that Chigoti suddenly grabbed a log from the fire and hit Munduso several times on the head until he fell unconscious. He was accusing Munduso of stealing his Knife.

In an attempt to conceal the crime, Chigoti covered the deceased with a blanket and set him ablaze.

Chigoti’s neighbour Patrick Mahanya (31) went to ask for matches and discovered Munduso’s body in flames.

Mahanya alerted Kenias Mahanya (32), and Kasirai Maneneka (24), who later doused off  the fire.

Mahanya reported the matter to the local special constabulary Edson Danga (35) who in turn made a police, leading to Chigoti’s arrest.

The body was ferried to st. Peters Hospital for post mortem.

Ass. Inspector Chananda said investigations are still in progress  and urged people not to take the law in their own hands.