Chief Garahwa of Chipinge has extended the cattle herding period to mid-September to allow cotton farmers in his area to harvest their crop that is expected to surpass 7000 tonnes.

While 15 August has been set as the date to clear cotton fields in preparation for the next farming season, Chief Garahwa has given a proclamation that extends the cattle herding period to 15 September after consultations with village heads revealed that most farmers have a late crop exceeding 7000 tonnes that needs more time to harvest.

The cotton farmers have also been urged to register early for government to distribute inputs on time in line with the thrust to double production next season.

Cottco area manager for Checheche Brain Bangure says early registration by cotton farmers will ensure they are given support on time to increase yields.

The government is supporting cotton farmers under the Presidential Free Input Scheme as part of efforts to boost production of the white gold. state media