Veteran investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says the government made a mistake in imprisoning him, as he would expose how the regime has failed to run prisons.

Chin’ono who was granted bail yesterday spent more than a month in prison after his arrest on allegations that he tried to incite public disturbances.

Speaking to the press after his release, Chin’ono said what he saw while in prison exposes the government’s failure.

“The state made a mistake by imprisoning us, we can now expose the things we saw in prison,” he said.

The veteran scribe said the conditions in prison is a clear sign that the government has failed not only the economy, but, even social amenities as well.

He said it is clear that corruption is rampant as seen by the quality of life prisoners are running.

Meanwhile, Chin’ono has exposed massive corruption in government, and at one time the ruling party ZANU PF threatened him for exposing corruption in public offices.