(All pictures by ZW News)

Chinhoyi might be desperate to attain a city status before end of this year, but its major sporting facilities that used to be a marvel leaves a lot to be desired among them a swimming pool located just 3 kilometres away from the town house.

ZW News crew which had a recent tour of Mashonaland West sporting facilities saw a dilapidated swimming pool with grass above knee level inside the pool.

A quick survey at the scene portrays that the defunct swimming pool was last used nearly a decade ago, with no hope or sign that it can be revamped anytime soon, not to mention the stench coming out of the area which is slowly becoming a dumpsite for locals and passer-by.

A few metres away from the swimming pool lies a sporting club which has also become an eyesore and it leaves athletes exposed to reptiles as the area is a clear epitome of a jungle.

Chinhoyi is desperately eyeing a city status by the name ‘city of heroes’ before end of year with seven of its streets having been recently renamed after the area’s popular seven heroes who took centre stage at the start of second chimurenga.