A 6-year-old child who went missing in Bikita has been discovered murdered and dumped in a septic tank.

Mitchel Musharu went missing last Saturday. She was last seen playing outside her parents’ shop at Nyika Growth Point in Bikita district, Masvingo province.

After failing to find her, Mitchel’s parents launched a frantic search for her and even offered a reward of US$1 000 for any information that would help in finding their daughter.

They also highlighted their plight on social media, where they appealed for help in finding Mitchel. Last November, baby Tamiranashe Chadwick who was stolen at Montagu Shopping Centre in the capital was located in Morembedzi, Zvimba after a concerted social media awareness campaign.

Writing on popular social network Facebook, Tafadzwa Machuma wrote,

In search of our lovely daughter Mitchel Musharu aged 6. She was playing outside her parent’s shop at nyika growth point and was not seen from around 4 pm in the evening since 17/04/21. If you do have any information please contact any nearest police station or any of the numbers below. Thank you. Help us spread the word.

Horror As Missing Bikita Child Is Found Murdered In Septic Tank
Horror As Missing Bikita Child Is Found Murdered In Septic Tank


The post was also shared on other social media platforms.

Unfortunately, despite all the best efforts, Mitchel was found dead. According to the family, her body was discovered in a septic tank behind her parents’ shop. The family also said that the body had been tied in a sack before being thrown into the septic tank.

The heart-breaking news was shared by Charles Mungoshi Junior on Thursday night. Mungoshi shared the update from the family which reads,

It is with a heavy heart that our search for Mitchel Musharu aged 6 has come to a heartbreaking end. She was found tied in a sack and the sack thrown in a septic tank behind her parent’s shop. We thank you all for the effort and support you gave in the search.

At the time of publishing, iHarare was still trying to establish the circumstances leading up to the death of the minor.

It is not yet clear how or when she was killed. However, of late Zimbabwe has been plagued by a series of horrific and publicised murders of young children mainly for ritual purposes.