Zimbabwe’s National Council of Chiefs and Pan-African President, Senator Fortune Charumbira, has set the cat among the pigeons calling for talks between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa as “Karangas” for an ethnic hegemony ruling alliance.

National Patriotic Front spokesperson Jealous Mawarire blasted Charumbira saying his sentiments are not good for the country.

“Unity against Zezurus is not national unity, it’s divisive, primitive and outright stupidity. Cry “misquote” all you want, the message is clear, it’s bigoted, tribal and primitive. That’s how I see it, it’s my understanding of it and I make no apologies for reading it thus.

“Let no one be fooled, Charumbira is trying to buy more time for his Karanga protégé, not national healing. It’s actually pathetic that he blatantly shows his tribal bigotry here. So if Zezurus were in power for 40 yrs,it’s now time for Karangas 2 do the same?

“Am Karanga myself but I don’t need a Karanga leader for Zimbabwe, I need a competent, compassionate, not corrupt national leader regardless of his/ her tribe. We are a nation state together, we shouldn’t see ourselves through tribal lenses, no, no, no.

“It’s actually pathetic that Charumbira, the President of the Chiefs Council, is pushing this bigoted Karanga tribal nonsense to try & buy more years for ED. There is nothing good in what he is suggesting. Elections aren’t supposed to be fighting (kugwa) as he is putting it.

“Elections are a contestation not a fight. It’s Charumbira & his ilk who have been fighting, they shld stop it and begin to take elections as contestation and there is no need to stop contestation, it is healthy for democracy. Illegally extending ED’s term doesn’t cut.”

Renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono blasted Charumbira over the sentiments.

“Chief Charumbira’s idea of a GNU based on Karanga tribal interests is the most absurd but well known ZANUPF factional secrets.

“In the unlikely event that CCC foolishly enters into a tribal GNU, there would be need for a new NATIONAL and not tribal opposition political party!”

Apparently, former ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu asked if Charumbira is to be fired from ZANU PF for calling on Mnangagwa and Chamisa to dialogue.

“Chief Charumbira said Advocate Chamisa and President Munangagwa must have tea together, umwe noumwe anouya ne tea yake, Chief Charumbira is a Senator are you going to fire him like what you did to me, majority of Zimbabweans are in support of a meaningful dialogue.”