Zimbabwe Chief’s Council President, Chief Fortune Charumbira, has refuted reports circulating on social media that he urged opposition leader Mr Nelson Chamisa to join forces with President Mnangagwa to form a Government of National Unity in Zimbabwe. He dismissed the reports as “false” and “mischievous” and described them as “utter rubbish.”

According to Chief Charumbira, he was not calling for the unity of political parties to form a government but rather the unity of all Zimbabweans to work together towards the same goal, irrespective of political differences. He explained that he suggested that Mr Chamisa should visit President Mnangagwa at State House and pay him a courtesy call as the President and big brother, to nourish harmony, peace, and oneness in the country.

Chief Charumbira clarified that he did not suggest forgoing this year’s elections for a Government of National Unity, as the processes were already underway to hold the polls as constitutionally mandated. He reiterated that election outcomes should not be the basis for not working together to grow the country as one people with a shared past and a common future.

The Chiefs’ Council president also mentioned that he had previously approached Mr Chamisa in the run-up to the 2018 harmonized elections, asking him why he was challenging his homeboy (President Mnangagwa) in an election instead of respecting him as the elder brother and letting him run his race. He emphasized that he was only repeating the same message he gave Mr Chamisa in 2018.

Lastly, Chief Charumbira emphasized that there was no basis for him to suggest that Zanu PF did not want elections, as several surveys had already shown that President Mnangagwa was likely to win this year’s harmonized elections. He also advised people not to fight over political differences and work together for the development of Zimbabwe.