A Mutare man got the shock of his life when he received maintenance summons for a five-year-old child he had no idea was his.

Tendai Segura is now contesting the paternity of the child as he believes he is not the father.

Plaxedes Dakacha recently appeared at Mutare Magistrates Civil Court applying for US$100 maintenance from her ex-lover, Tendai Segura.

Mutare magistrate, Xavier Chipato presided over the matter.

However, Segura said he did not know that he had sired a child with Dakacha until the day he received the maintenance summons.

“I do not know what she is talking about. We never had a child together. We only had a relationship for a year. I never sired a child with her,” he said.

Segura also said he is married. “We had an affair when my wife was in the village. I told her I was married and she told me that she was carrying another man’s child. I agreed to date her knowing that she was pregnant because I had nothing to lose or gain. I was just gratifying myself since my wife was away,” said Segura.

He also said Dakacha eloped to another man when they were dating.

“I remember she eloped to another man, saying she was carrying his baby. I don’t know why l am even here. She knows the father of her child and she should apply for maintenance from him.

“I haven’t seen the child she is talking about, yet she is now claiming that I am the father of that child. That is total madness, Your Worship,” said Segura.

He also said he couldn’t afford maintaining the child as he earns US$100.

In response, Dakacha insisted that Segura is her child’s father. I was married to him. All his family members know me.

“We stayed together for five years while his wife was in the village. We were staying in Penhalonga and we only separated last year in August. I do not know why he is denying that the child is his.

Dakacha said Segura owns a shop in Penhalonga and also earns US$225 from his job,” she said.

Chipato granted US$20 as maintenance for Dakacha’s child.

He also said the two parties should go for DNA tests to clear the doubt over the child’s paternity. Manica Post