A married prophet’s church in Mutare is on the verge of collapsing with accusations that the man of cloth snatched his right hand man’s well-endowed girlfriend.

Prophet Brighton Gweru of Family Faith Church’s messages with his aide Tapiwa Mwapaura leaked and are circulating on WhatsApp group of the church which forced the church leader to relocate to Harare together with his church.

Prophet Gweru is alleged to have been dating Mwapaura’s girlfriend Marvellous Tariro Mupungu knowing that she was his aide’s girlfriend.

Mwapaura has since left the church as, upon confronting his girlfriend, he learnt that the two had been seeing each other behind his back for nearly a year. He described Prophet Gweru as a womaniser and marriage wrecker.

“I joined the church four years ago and have been serving the man of God faithfully not knowing that he was dating my girlfriend,” said Mwapaura.

“Prophet is married but he was seeing my girlfriend behind my back for almost a year and I have been with her for over a year now.“It affected my faith and I feel betrayed by the person who pretended to help and map my future when he was planning to destroy my future.

“From 2014 we would experience a full house as people attended the church whole heartedly but later we lost many souls after the scandal.

“I confronted the prophet over this and he apologised and deleted some of the WhatsApp messages. He did not know that I had saved the messages,” said Mwapaura showing this publication the messages.

There are also audio messages between him and his girlfriend over the illicit affair.Marvellous confirmed the story saying she had since resolved the issue with Mwapaura.

“I left Prophet Gweru some months ago and I do not know more about what is happening at his church,” said Marvellous.

“I have since resolved the issue with Mwapaura that it is now water under the bridge,” she said promising to furnish H-Metro with more information which she never did.

Contacted for comment, Prophet Gweru said he was conducting a church service near Copacabana in Harare while denying the allegations. He even said he does not remember any Tapiwa.

“I will get back to you after church ndiri paCopacabana ndava kuda kutopinza church izvezvi. Tapiwa waunotaura ndamukanganwa ini,” said Prophet Gweru.

“He told you falsehoods and I do not even remember that Tapiwa. I am in Harare,” he said.Prophet Gweru never answered his phone for the next four days when this publication called him.”