BUSINESS came to a standstill on 20 March at Dingumuzi shopping centre in Plumtree town after a swarm of bees stung residents resulting in some sustaining serious injuries.

Authorities at the town have dismissed social media reports that someone died as the bees rampaged through the shopping centre.

A woman is admitted to Plumtree Hospital while over 15 people were treated and discharged on the same day.

The swarm of bees is reportedly to have emerged at one of the shops’ roof trusses.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the shopping centre on 21 March, business had returned to normalcy although the swarm of bees were visible at the shop’s roof trusses.

In an interview, Plumtree District Hospital acting medical officer Dr Joe Nganunu dismissed death rumours circulating on social media.

“I can confirm that we treated 17 people on Monday in relation to being stung by bees at Dingumuzi shopping centre.

“Of the 17, one person who is an elderly person is still admitted while the rest were treated and discharged the same day. We therefore denounce rumours circulating on social media which reports that two people stung by the bees have succumbed to injuries. It’s entirely false,” said Dr Nganunu.

Plumtree Town Council acting secretary Mr Thembalami Nyoni said they reacted swiftly to the incident.

“On Monday we had a bee sting incident at Dingumuzi shopping centre. There are two sets of bees in the vicinity and we suspect they were spooked and started attacking.

“The fire brigade team attended to the scene and doused a lady with water to clear the area and they also used smoke. The fire brigade team and rescue members from the community were also stung,” said Mr Nyoni.

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