Albeit a humiliating legal verdict which dismissed his MDC Alliance as just, but ‘a political cooperation agreement for contestation of the 2018 elections’ and not a political party, embattled opposition figure Nelson Chamisa is still hopeful that change of political leadership in Zimbabwe is imminent.
Chamisa, who is smarting from another embarrassing High Court ruling which dismissed a challenge by a recalled quartet of ex-MDC Alliance legislators, said the fight for change in Zimbabwe was achievable and imminent.
The 42-year-old, whose beleaguered opposition is in turmoil, attributed the current challenges to President Emmerson Mnangagwa who he said ‘will never forgive us for defeating him in 2018.’
“(We) will fight (and) WIN Zimbabwe for CHANGE. ED (Mnangagwa) will never forgive us for defeating him in 2018. All challenges are platforms for major comebacks, renewal (and) massive resurgence.We’re on the right side of history. We stand for right, light & truth. The darkest hour is before dawn! Happy Sabbath!” Chamisa wrote on Twitter.
Last Friday, the High Court judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi dismissed the MDC Alliance’s challenge against the dismissal of its four legislators, arguing that a party by that name does not exist as a legal persona who can sue, or be sued, in court.
The youthful opposition figure has apparently been in panic mode and his dramatic reshuffling of ‘party’ leadership has raised more questions than answers.
Since his controversial defeat to Mnangagwa in the disputed 2018 presidential race, Chamisa has adamantly refused to recognize the septuagenarian as Zimbabwe’s constitutionally elected leader