An alleged contributor to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa’s bullet proof car says the popular opposition leader’s life has never been in danger, but he lied and asked for donations towards the vehicle so that he can steal the money.

The contributor only identified as Chimhamha demands to see the bullet proof vehicle or even the donated money that’s if the car is not yet bought.

“The bullet proof car that we donated towards, has it been purchased yet?

“We were told that @nelsonchamisa
life was in danger.

“Nelson has held many rallies, proof that his life is not in danger. Why lie? Where is the car? Or the money?”

Chimhamha says for those seeking high offices, accountability is key.

Meanwhile, at one point, the ruling party ZANU-PF accused Chamisa of having stolen the money meant for his bullet proof car.

The ruling party mocked the opposition party supporters to donated money for Chamisa’s bullet proof car, saying they were duped.

“Makabirwa mari.

“Takakuudzai kuti Chamisa imbavha.

“Vakadya mari yemota.

“We don’t want such people near Gvt,” says the ZANU PF Patriots.

The ruling party was posting in reference to the call for donation that was made by the party few months ago, following attacks on Chamisa’s convoy.

The then MDC Alliance leader survived what his party said was an assassination attempt in Mutare when his Toyota Land Cruiser was allegedly shot at in October.

A GoFundMe page called ‘Let’s Replace the People’s President’s Car’ was set up on October 12 aiming to raise US$120,000 for an “amour-plated vehicle as well as security apparel for his safety and security.

The target was met on December 7 although Zimbabweans around the world continued to donate with US$1,000 more raised by 10AM on December 8.

Commenting on the feat, Chamisa said he was “humbled” after a citizen-led initiative to buy him a bulletproof car met its target of raising US$120,000.