Political commentator Maximilian Lion says former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa threw his legislators under the bus by resigning from the party.

He says not all CCC legislators who did not resign in solidarity with Chamisa are bad, adding that instead they should use the next five years to prove critics wrong.

“What fascinates me though is only 3 MPs resigned. There is something here. We can’t just say the remaining 80 MPs are all bad. This needs to be explored.

“We agree they need to use the next 5 years wisely. If they can do some good, produce tangible results for their people, who knows what people will think in 5 years.

“In my opinion, these are leadership problems. The matter could have been handled better if not professionally. The manner in which the leader resigned seemed malicious.

“He threw his MPs under the bus. His hands are not clean in this.

“Leadership comes with responsibility. The resignation was designed to cause maximum damage and damage there was.

“The remaining MPs should see the next 5 years as an opportunity and a good challenge to prove wrong those who think they are in parliament for themselves,” he says.

Lion adds that Chamisa failed in the first place through his strategic ambiguity, structurelessness, having no constitution, as well as failure to protect his MPs, but instead did nothing to fight for the election which should have made him President.

“Observers gave him an open goal to fight and he did nothing.

“What more must he do to prove to you that he is not fit to lead and govern?” Asks Lion.