Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa says he is heartbroken after visiting Harare Hospital, describing the state of affairs at the country’s medical institutions as death traps.

“Our hospitals are terribly sick…I’m so heartbroken after I visited Harare hospital yesterday. Our hospitals are death traps. No electricity & water for days, no medicine & no machines. I hear it’s the same at Mpilo, Pari & all other hospitals.

“We’re ready to the inadequate & improper food, the worn out linen, the dilapidated beds and the general decay of the infrastructure! We must unite to save our beautiful Zimbabwe. We are not poor. We have poor leadership and poor priorities!”

Apparently, the government has reportedly proposed to give each Member of Parliament US$40000 each.

Renowned investigative journalist, who has been probing corruption cases involving high offices hopewell Chin’ono has bemoaned the government’t proposed move.

“Mnangagwa’s regime has offered a one off payment of US$40,000 totaling US$14 million to Zimbabwe’s 350 MPs and almost all of them have signed up.

“It could buy 14 radiotherapy machines or build 378 maternity theaters. Zimbabwe doesn’t have a single working radiotherapy machine.

“Zimbabwe has 270 Members of Parliament in the Lower House, and 80 in the Senate. Zim Government is giving each MP US$40,000. That is US$14 million. Parirenytwa hospital has been closed for elective care for over 6 months. It only needs US$10 million to run without shortages,” he says.