Citizens Coalition for Change CCC Secretary General has called on for land revolution to benefit the youths, saying land is their inheritance.

“We need to free 1 MIllion Ha of arable land currently being under utilized by the Zanu-PF Chefs and distribute 10HA plots to 100 000 youths in Zimbabwe.

“Land and Jobs are the 2 major issues that will uplift the people of this country. Another land revolution is the only solution,” he says.

He urges youths to identify farms being underutilized by ruling party leaders and earmark them for redistribution.

“Young people let’s list here farms occupied by people with over 200Ha who are under utilizing the land. We want the youths to be given 1Million Ha to divide among 100 000 young people who are ready to make their 10HA productive. Nyika ne Vhu inhaka yatakasiirwa nemadzitateguru,” he says.

Meanwhile, in the turn of the millennium, ZANU-PF led a land revolution which saw commercial farmers mainly whites having their farms taken.

Apparently, most of these farms are being underutilized and many connected persons have multiple farms.