Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator for Tshabalala-Pelandaba, Gift Ostallos Siziba was arrested on Wednesday accused of instigating the shock football violence that led to the abandonment of last Sunday’s premiership clash between Dynamos and Highlanders at Barbourfields.

Siziba, who is also the main opposition’s deputy spokesperson, was later released and ordered to appear in court on Friday.

Ugly skirmishes rocked the high-profile match between the football rivals after an incident in which match officials of the clash ignored appeals for awarding of a penalty to Highlanders who were trailing their rivals 2-0.

The match was abandoned moments before the half time break after hordes of Highlanders supporters invaded the pitch and started attacking police officers.

Police also fought running battles with overzealous football fans outside the stadium.

However, it was not immediately clear how Siziba, a politician who also supports Highlanders, instigated the violence.

His party dismissed the allegations saying they were “false”.

“The regime has intensified its crackdown against our members after a shambolic, disorganised, rigged and fraudulent election.

“This continued persecution must stop,” CCC said in a statement.

Siziba’s arrest follows that of fellow party politician Maureen Kademaunga, MP for Sunningdale, on charges of attempted murder and malicious damage to property.

The charges were quashed in court on Wednesday after the lawmaker had endured a night in a police cell.

CCC says the crackdown on party officials was a deliberate attempt by the Zanu PF led government to silence opponents as the country begins a tough five years ahead under Zanu PF.