The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says suspected ZANU-PF thugs have abducted and tortured its member, Tendai Karobha in Mutoko South, Ward 25 yesterday.

The party says Korobha attending a funeral wake at Chimbwanda residence when he was kidnapped.

Meanwhile, the party says it has since identified the leader of the thugs, a ruling party chairperson:

“Our team in Mutoko South, Ward 25 has identified Zanu PF youth chair Danmore Marine as the person who kidnapped and tortured our member Tendai Karobha. These thugs must immediately be brought to book.”

On an identical report, CCC says: “The regime in Harare has abducted one of our change champions in Buhera this afternoon.

“The operation was executed by suspected members of the Central Intelligence Organization.”

Apparently, in Zimbabwe abduction cases for political reasons have been common however in most instances the perpetrators are never brought to book.

The government has been denying such reports saying the opposition parties are faking abductions in order to tarnish the country’s image.