We as Zimbabweans need some records of our family members who died in places like Zambia, Tanzania, Russia etc who died during the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. We need these records from Zapu and Zanu.

My own brother Canaan Ncube ( From Kezi-Matobo-under Chieftanship on Chief Bidi went to Exile in mid Seventies to Zambia and it was alleged that they could have transited to Russia.

There is no tangible leads,records or a system to provide any information to us as families to find closure.

Only the living heroes have been taken care of. My mother is old now (81) but she can’t stop talking about my brother and I can only console myself by seeing him on an an old photo/picture. This is too long and not good that these two organisations which are a democratic government would just suppress or ignore things like these. Please publish this for assistance to us.Frank Ngwenya ( Ncube)