In a case that left members of the community in shock, a Bulawayo man was recently arrested for stealing from himself.

The Mpopoma man identified in court papers as Dylan Nkomo took advantage of his wife’s absence and stole their bedding which he sold to pay a debt.

When his wife, Thobekile Tshuma returned from a visit in Tsholotsho she found that all blankets, linen and pillows were missing from the house.

She confronted him about the issue and he said that thieves got in and stole the blankets.

Tshuma reported the matter to the police who carried out investigations and it was discovered that people who were in possession of the blankets bought them from Nkomo.

He was then arrested and he appeared in court before Bulawayo magistrate Tinashe Tashaya on charges of theft.

Nkomo was remanded out of custody to 30 January.