Burkina Faso President Captain Ibrahim Traore has issued a decree allowing citizens to report corruption to him directly.

So far his anti-corruption efforts led to the arrest of Vincent Dabilgou, former transport minister, and four others who received 11-year prison sentences for embezzlement and money laundering.

But overall, progress on implementing reforms and combating corruption has been slow, raising doubts about the government’s commitment to this objective.

Traore came to power through a military coup.

In 2022, the military in Burkina Faso announced that it had seized power and overthrown President Roch Kaboré.

The announcement was made on state television by an army officer, who cited the deteriorating security situation for the military takeover.

Kaboré had faced growing discontent over his failure to stem an Islamist insurgency amid unchecked corruption.

The coup came a day after troops seized barracks, and gunshots were heard in the capital, Ouagadougou.