Edmore Mhangami

Karoi magistrate courts were recently brought to a standstill during the hearing of a case pitting two brothers who murdered their friend in cold blood over chicken cuts.

The heart touching incident that transpired recently saw Thomas Murangandi (26) and his brother Nomore (21) attacking their pal Isaya Manyowa after he threw their chicken cuts down.

Allegations are that the three had a slight misunderstanding while in a beer hall leading the now deceased (Manyowa) reacting by throwing the chicken pieces they were eating away.

The two brothers from village Chundu under Chief Chundu retaliated by assaulting him with clenched fist and booted foot until he fell down unconscious.

Manyowa was rushed to Karoi Hospital where he was pronounced dead the following morning.

The accused brothers were not asked to plea when they appeared before Karoi magistrate Sheila Nanzombe and were remanded in custody up to 8 June.

The state led by prosecutor Mr Gerald Dhamusi alleged that on 29 May the accused persons were drinking beer with Manyowa at around 11pm.

The three had a verbal misunderstand which however turned physical.

The  Murangandi brothers then attacked Manyowa and left him unconscious while they ran away.

They were arrested the following day at their homestead.