The Magistrates Court has cancelled the warrant of arrest against MDC-Alliance Member of Parliament, Joana Mamombe.

Meanwhile, her case has since been postponed to 22 September.

This comes after Mamombe was taken to court in an ambulance from hospital after the State insisted she is not ill, despite doctors’ reports.

The State had alleged that it had acquired evidence which proves that Mamombe was ‘faking’ illness.

Apparently, some critics are of the belief that the arrests are acts of persecution of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political opponents.

Mamombe and other three officials were once allegedly abducted and raped by people who are believed to be security agents.

However, the government has been denying any wrongdoing alleging that they faked the abductions.

In the same light, Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU PF has over the years been known for persecuting political opponents using state agents.