Former Zimbabwe Government Minister and Zanu PF top official Mr Saviour Kasukuwere has fired shots at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government after the state moved to confiscate Tyson’s luxury properties over his failure to appear in court.

For the first time since the fall of Mugabe Kasukuwere fired a #itsmycountrytoo salvo to the Mnangagwa administration warning that abuse of power and authority has limits.

Said Kasukuwere:

I said it will be rough, but it’s gonna be rougher but thereafter we will have a ZW we all want. This monopoly and idiocy shall be challenged. With or without, 2023 is coming.Tatamba zvakwana!

Whilst silence is golden, there comes a time when your enemies think you are enjoying it. Abuse of authority and power has limits.God Bless ZW#itsmycountrytoo!

Kasukuwere who recently lost his mother is reportedly unable to attend court due to ill-health.