BREAKING: Cruel Zambians handover Tendai Biti to Zimbabwe CID police

KARIBA: MDC Alliance’s Tendai Biti has been handed over to Zimbabwe’s CID police by Zambian authorities and is being transported to Harare, sources have said. Biti had his asylum application turned down on Wednesday in the neighbouring country. The deportation would appear to be in defiance of a Zambia High Court order.

His lawyer, Gilbert Phiri confirmed the latest developments.

“They have defied the court order to allow him to seek asylum and as I am speaking to you right now he has been handed over to the Zimbabwean police,” his lawyer Gilbert Phiri said

A document bearing Ibbo Mandaza’s name also confirmed that Biti has been handed over to Zimbabwe authorities:

“Colleagues, the latest on Biti and co:
You won’t believe it, but in defiance of the Court Order to have Biti appear
before a judge in Lusaka today, Zambian Security have taken Biti and
his comrades to the Kariba border post and handed them to Zimbabwean CID.

“Biti’s lawyer, Alex Muchedehama, has this minute confirmed these disturbing developments, but adds
that lawyers are attending to the matter at Kariba CID, in the hope that the beleaguered compatriots will
soon be brought before court in Harare today,” said Mandaza.

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