A 33-year old border jumper was robbed of hard cash totaling to 60 000 South African Rands and US$300, police authorities in Zimbabwe have said.

The incident occurred last weekend when the unnamed border jumper was reportedly trying to cross into neighboring South Africa.

Said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in a post on their Twitter handle:

“The ZRP urges the public to use authorised ports when entering or exiting the country. On 26/03/22, ZRP Beitbridge recorded a robbery incident where a man (33), was robbed ZAR 60 000 and US$ 300 after attempting to cross the border into South Africa through an illegal entry point on 18/03/22”.

Since the turn of the 21st century when Zimbabwe’s economic fortunes took a dramatic nose-dive, millions of the landlocked southern African country’s nationals have fled the country to seek greener pastures down south. Estimations say around 2,5 million Zimbabweans are staying and working in South Africa with a greater percentage having crossed the border without adequate travel documents.