Pres Mugabe,Bona, Simba Chikore, Brother In-Law in 200 Million Dollars Dema Diesel Tender Scandal!

Bona Mugabe’s brother in law Derick Chikore has been awarded a $200 million tender by the Zimbabwe Power Company without going through any tender.

Derick is older brother to Simba who happened to be married to Mugabe’s daughter Bona.

Derrick will jointly run the Dema Diesel Power Project with Sakunda Holdings.

A source close to the development told that:  “there are strong suspicions that Derreck is just playing upfront on behalf of his young brother Simba who is involved in many other similar deals via third parties,”said the source on condition of anonymity.

Simba Chikore Dema diesel tender scandal

Simba Chikore, Mugabes on holiday

Tendai Biti of PDP has come out guns blazing accusing Mugabe of enriching his in-laws with millions of state funds while the rest of the country is suffering in dire poverty.

“We hold Mugabe guilty and denounce his illegal favouritism..his inlaws have now join the looting gravy train,” said Biti.

Bona and Simba decided to use Derick as a cover for their vast financial interests.

ZPC is also underfire for awarding a tender worthy millions to Wicknell Chivayo of Intratek.

He was recently seen in the Middle East on a date with First Lady Grace Mugabe in the company of her son Robert Mugabe junior.

Wicknell Chivayo dating grace Grace Mugabe in Mazoe

Wicknell ‘dating’ Grace