Few days after Mnangagwa rally bomb blast , another bomb is reported to have gone off at the sacred Njelele rainmaking shrine in Matobo district.

The act was carried out by yet to-be-identified criminals, who used mining explosives to blast the main rock that covers the shrine.

Situated 50km south west of Bulawayo, a source and villager from Matobo, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the shrine was bombed on Friday night and the attack was discovered by the shrine caretaker Solifa Ncube on Saturday morning.

“Njelele Shrine has been bombed. Khulu (Solifa Ncube) said on Friday he left all in order at the shrine. I went on Saturday and we discovered that the rock, which covers the shrine, was bombed using mining explosives. They also destroyed the pots in the shrine and looted most of the traditional artefacts which were stored in the shrine,” the source said.

The matter is now under police investigation. news day