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The Khumalo sisters, Kelly and Zandie, are back together and back to supporting each other.

The Khumalo sisters, Kelly and Zandie, are back together and back to supporting each other.

When Kelly Khumalo and her sister Zandie Gumede’s relationship went sour many of their fans held out faith that the pair would work things out and two years later the sisters have kissed and made up.

Their split was highly publicised after Kelly released a statement distancing herself from a scam Zandie’s husband Mhlo Gumede was allegedly involved in.

Zandie hit back at the allegations and announced a “divorce” from her sister, in a lengthy Instagram post.

Their relationship had been rocky for more than two years, and when season three of Kelly’s reality show Life with Kelly aired on Showmax she continued with therapy sessions and in the second episode their feud re-emerged as a topic and she hinted at being ready to work things out.

Kelly ready for an apology and sit-down with Zandie

Kelly first hinted at being ready to work things out with her sister when she sat down for her first therapy session on her show in July.

“I’m at a point where I’m tired of being mad. It doesn’t serve me any more and I think we should find an amicable way of dealing with each other … the biggest issue is I felt my mother wasn’t doing her part,” she told her therapist.

Kelly was visibly emotional and she broke down about how hurt she was that she had not yet met her sister’s son and how finding out about her pregnancy from other people broke her heart.

Kelly Khumalo confirms reunion with Zandie
Kelly revealed that she and her sister have buried the hatchet and are a part of each other’s lives again.

Talking to Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka as a guest on Kaya 959 in late September, Kelly confirmed she and her sister were no longer at war.

“We are good. We are very good actually. I think we needed that bit of a break. You know, when you are so close to another to a point where you lose self-identity, which is a dangerous thing for an individual … so I now feel like we needed that. She had to find her outside me, and I had to find me outside her.”

The sisters kiss and make up
The Khumalo sisters were in a therapy session in the season finale of the show.

During an interview with Showmax, Zandie shared that she and her sister had started rebuilding their relationship before seeking professional help.

“I didn’t know how to react. I think the thing that made me uneasy was the therapy part of things,” she said.

“Whatever happens, we must have resolved everything by the time we left the room. It’s been a heavy load to carry all this time,” she said, explaining her intentions for going into therapy.

The pair were even together at recent family gatherings which included Zandie’ son Zenala’s christening and their mother’s surprise birthday party.