Moyo has made a claim that Vice President Constantino Guveya Chiwenga was nearly bombed inside his house last Wednesday

VP Chiwenga cheated death on Wednesday, 25 April,  after he accidentally hit a grenade in his bedroom, former Zimbabwe Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo has revealed via the micro blog Twitter.

Impeccable sources say on Wednesday night as Chiwenga took off his shoes in his bedroom to store them away; the shoes hit an object which rolled & made a metallic sound. To his horror, the object was a grenade. He summarily dismissed domestic staff & got security detail detained!

Quizzed if the Chiwenga bedroom incident was true, Moyo confirmed that the incident actually happened.

The grenade incident in Chiwenga’s bedroom is factual, meaning it happened; just like it is factual that Chiwenga sent some 25 soldiers to my home on 15 November 2017; and from what they did, they had orders to kill me, my wife & children with semiautomatic weapons, grenades etc!

While many have been left perplexed on how a grenade ended up in the retired general’s bedroom, an anonymous source responding to Moyo’s message said Chiwenga himself might be playing with fire in a bid to settle some scores with political opponents.

Chiwenga is playing the Mnangagwa game. I used to think Mnangagwa was poisoned (office, rally) until I figured ) he lied to get sympathy when he moved on Mugabe. Chiwenga is planning to bring someone down, the 1st step is create an unknown enemy, then eventually put a face to it.

VP  Chiwenga’s office did not respond when asked by zwnews reporters to comment on the alleged  security incident in the decorated soldier’s bedroom.