A father-and-son heated argument over a stray neighbor’s cattle that had trampled on their family maize field ended tragically after the son vented his anger by hanging himself on a tree.
The deceased, 20-year-old Philani Mumpande from Zeula Village under the Siabuwa area in Binga, was on Saturday found hanging on a tree by his cousin Confidence Tshuma.
This was after the now deceased had been involved in a heated argument, two days earlier, with his father Elias Mumpande (53).
Philani reportedly used a wire to commit the suicide.
“He had a fight with his father although I haven’t been given full details about the cause of the misunderstanding,” Chief Siabuwa confirmed the incident.
Chief Siabuwa also said people should learn to seek help in the event of disputes.
“These people needed counseling. Our people should learn to seek help than to kill each other or commit suicide as that doesn’t solve anything”, he said.

State Media