Tinashe Zisengwe

A ruthless 32 year old man from Zuula Village, Chife Sinampande in Binga was recently slapped with 22 years in jail after he raped a girl (15) claiming compensation from the minor who is alleged to have stolen his groceries.

Mangange Ndlovu who was described by the state witness as a feared mafia in the area is also reported to have assaulted the girl as she had a swollen face.

Prosecuting Bheki Tshabalala said that the juvenile was walking with her friends at Kaningo business Centre when Ndlovu accused her of stealing his satchel that was loaded with groceries.

He added that an argument ensued with the complainant denying the allegation resulting in her being assaulted all over the body.

The minor is reported to have called for help from nearby relatives who failed to be of utter importance as they were bullied by the rapist who chased them away threatening death.

The heartless man is said to have dragged the juvenile to a secluded place and raped her thrice before releasing her to go home.

On reaching home, however the complainant told her mother the whole ordeal and the matter was reported to the police leading to the accused’s arrest.

Ndlovu when he appeared before regional Magistrate Collet Nube, pleaded guilty to assault charges and vehemently denied rape charge.

“Yes l bashed her with clenched fists as she was refusing to mention where she had hid my groceries, but as of raping l never did that,” pleaded the rapist.

However, the Magistrate did not buy his story and slapped him with 22 years, assault attracting 10 years while rape 12 years imprisonment.