Zwnews Chief Correspondent

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa (ED)’s dominance on the political scene seem to be gathering momentum, as the country heads for the much anticipated polls expected to be held in July this year.

The President recently addressed a bumper (roughly 35 000) crowd at the ground breaking ceremony of a sports stadium by a religious organisation, Johane Marange Apostolic church in Buhera recently, an indication that many think show how confidence Zimbabweans are now having in their new leader.

Speaking at the event the President expressed how happy he was seeing such a crowd attending a gathering he was addressing, and told the crowd that his government is prioritising the economic front in all its endeavours.

However, an analyst warns that it could be detrimental for Mnangagwa to use the huge turnout as a measurement of what to be expected in all his coming rallies or polls.

Political analyst Elder Mabhunu says the crowd can present a misleading picture on the new dispensation pulling factor. “It has always been so that the Marange Apostolic sect commands a huge following in all its gatherings, especially those it holds yearly.

“The figure therefore must not be read as ED’s pulling power, otherwise it could be misleading and detrimental for the new leader to think that way. It is too early to read much into the figures of a single highly attended gathering,” he says.

He adds, “These yearly meetings by the sect had been known to attract huge followings, and pilgrimage some of them coming from all around the globe to attend. It is therefore misplaced to attribute the huge turnout at the event to ED’s presence.”

Previously, ZANU PF had been known to attract huge crowds at its gatherings, however, in most cases people had to be forced and bussed to attend against their will.